Flygt M 3069


  • Use for heavy-duty shredding applications
  • Non-clogging design
  • Reliable operation
  • Heavy-duty cutting device


The Flygt M 3069 grinder pump is a high-performing submersible, centrifugal pump. Excellent for pumping wastewater in residential, commercial and agricultural applications. The grinder pump reduces waste content to fine slurry, pumped through small-diameter pipes. The main application for Flygt M 3069 is pressurized sewage systems that are generally used when flat land, uphill topography, surface rock and high water tables pose tough challenges for conventional gravity systems.

For high-head applications, up to 70 m head, a progressive-cavity grinder pump version is available.

Whether you need a single grinder pump, a complete pump station or an entire wastewater system, Xylem offers a smart and economical delivery of wastewater to the nearest pump station or sewer main.


The M 3069 is engineered to meet all challenges of a wastewater system. It comes equipped with a unique impeller for optimum hydraulic efficiency and a heavy-duty cutting device, which grinds solids into 5 × 15 mm particles to enable easily transporting fluids through small-diameter pipes.

All components are specially designed and manufactured to optimize operation and prolong pump service life.

• Double mechanical seal system. Two sets of mechanical shaft seals work independently to provide double security. They are available in Tungsten carbide (WCCR) or Silicone carbide (SiC) depending on pumped media.

• Made of robust and durable cast iron

• Spin-out design that protect seals from abrasive particles

• Motor cable SUBCAB® specially developed for submersible use