Lowara GEM Modular Firefighting Booster set

Firefighting booster set range

The GEM series firefighting booster range is available in a modular system that’s fully compliant with the EN12845 standard for automatic sprinkler systems and the UNI 10779 standard for hydrant systems.

Xylem configures all modules as a single unit containing a pump which can be either electric or diesel according to your needs. Each one includes all its main components and is connected and assembled in the factory in accordance with EN12845 standards. The correct water supply is obtained by using a combination of modules − either single, superior single, twin or combined according to your needs − to the EN12845 standard for firefighting systems.

Commonly, firefighting systems use two main service pumps − one in ‘run’ and the other in ‘stand-by’. Either electric or diesel motors can be used depending on the level of reliability

The GEM series firefighting modular booster range includes:

  • horizontal, electric end-suction pumps complete with hydraulic side and control panel.
  • horizontal, electric end-suction pumps with jockey pump fixed to the base of the electric pump, hydraulic-side control panels fitted on a frame.
  • diesel engine pump with end-suction pumps, together with hydraulic-side control panel and fuel tank