Bell & Gossett Submersible Vertical Turbine Pumps

Features and Benefits:

  • Discharge Pipe – Properly sized for optimum water velocities to insure peak hydraulic performance.
  • Discharge Bowl – Several discharge sizes available for NPT or flanged pipe.
  • Discharge Bearing – Extra long top protected bronze bearing insures positive shaft alignment and stabilization for extended life.
  • Intermediate Bowl – Close grained Class 30 cast iron. Water passage glassed for maximum efficiency and abrasion resistance.
  • Impellers – Designed for maximum efficiency with wide range hydraulic cover age. Precision balanced for smooth operation.
  • Upthrust Collar – Designed for extra margin of safety against possible momentary upthrust occurring at startup.
  • Intermediate Bowl Bearings – Reliable long life bronze or rubber bearing.
  • Lock Collets – Accurately machined to insure positive locking of pump impeller to shaft.
  • Pump Shaft – 100,00 PSI high tensile stainless steel provides strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Ground and polished for smooth bearing surface.
  • Suction Inlet – Contoured for smooth flow entrance. Protected by an over sized stainless steel strainer to prevent entrance of damaging solids.
  • Suction Adapter – Ductile iron provides for increased strength and positive motor alignment. Open area permits easy access to pump/motor coupling.
  • Pump/Motor Coupling – Large stainless steel coupling accurately machined for perfect alignment, balance, and power transmission.