Bell & Gossett TECHNOLOGIC Intelligent Pump Controller

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick set-up Genie for fast system configuration
  • Pump and system protection parameters designed specifically around hydronic systems
  • Service and support from pump and system experts
  • Removable, graphical control panel with display
  • Continious scrolling menu to ensure no parameters are left out during programming
  • My Personal Menu allows user to focus on specific user selected and saved parametersKeypad_Layout
  • Alarm Log key for quick access to last 5 alarms and maintenance events
  • Hand on, Auto on, and Off buttons for easy pump operation at the keypad – No toggling between local and remote operation
  • Duplex variable speed pumping control with auto lead/lag and alternate
  • Constant speed lag control. Able to control 1 variable speed pump with up to
  • 2 fixed speed lag pumps triggered by relays
  • USB Connectivity supports remote diagnostics through PC software
  • Dual DC-link reactors standard reduces harmonics to the level of a 5% AC line reactor without the voltage drop across the full load range
  • EMC/RFI filters designed to reduce drive noise emissions and interference to strict standards
  • Automatic Motor Adaption – For optimized performance and efficiency
  • Automatic Energy Optimization – Regulates output voltage to improve system efficiency as loads change
  • Bypass panel option for across-the-line motor operation