Wedeco MiPRO Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)

Wedeco MiPRO AOP solution is tailor fit to your water chemistry and flow rates

Ozone + Peroxide

MiPRO™ eco3 and Pro3mix®

Very efficient production of hydroxyl radicals, excellent for many AOP applications.

UV + peroxide or UV + hypochlorite

MiPRO™ photo Highly effective for photo sensitive compounds like NDMA and for low concentrations of contaminants in clean waters, such as RO permeate and drinking water. While the use of hydrogen peroxide is typical, the use of hypochlorite is advantageous in applications with low pH (such as RO permeate in water reuse).

Ozone + Peroxide + UV

MiPRO™ eco3 plus Ideal for process stream with multiple contaminants and pathogens, leverage the strength of each technology for most efficient result.