Recreational Boats

Keeping life aboard safe and comfortable

Boat owners need products that are both reliable and durable when they are out at sea. With more than 70 years of service for the marine industry, Xylem supplies original equipment that keep leisure crafts safe and comfortable.

We offer water pressure system pumps that provide the truest fresh water
at-home delivery experience to sinks, galleys and showers, and circulation pumps for low-pressure circulation applications such as marine central heating and ballast transfer.

Our submersible or in-line pumps and kits for pumping bilge water from deck showers and general wash-down, offer the widest range of capacities and functions available today, and with our wide range of manual or electric, marine toilet systems there is a head to suit every boat and budget.
Besides all this, Xylem also is a proven provider of a long number of general-purpose pumps, ideal for a myriad of applications – including deck-wash, diesel fuel transfer, oil change and engine cooling.

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The Livewell/Baitwell Pumps are built on Rule’s unsurpassed quality and leadership in pump design and technology. The innovative design includes many new and exciting features including: a quick, one-hand push button motor cartridge removal system,[...]

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Ballast pump

Today’s wakeboard and ski tow boats need to be able to take on water ballast to modify their wake formation. A development of our tried and tested Puppy Pumps lets these specialty craft rapidly take[...]

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Diesel Transfer Pumps

Diesel Transfer Pumps are available in various capacities and feature sets to ensure that all of your fuel and oil needs are met. Warning: Sliding vane pumps must not be used for gasoline, petroleum products[...]

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Washdown Pumps

Washdown pumps are a development of our Water Pressure System Pumps. Higher shut-off pressure switches prevent on/off cycling while salt water compatible trigger nozzles let you blast off mud and dirt and then rinse down.

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Engine Cooling Pumps

We offer a wide range of cooling solutions that include Heat Exchanger cooling, Keel cooling, and Direct cooling systems. It is important that Jabsco Engine Cooling Pumps and Systems are matched during the design of[...]

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Water Pressure Systems

Jabsco Water Pressure systems are designed to give you the pressure you need for fresh water and cleaning purposes.

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A marine searchlight has to be capable of performing a range of tasks from locating buoys to illuminating a narrow channel and, occasionally, searching for a man overboard. Therefore, it needs to be designed to[...]

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Bilge Pumps & Switches

Rule Submersible Bilge Pumps have set the standard for the industry for decades. They are the first choice of yachtsmen and fishermen throughout the world. More innovations in Bilge Pump design have come from Rule[...]

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Ventilation Blowers

Jabsco DC Blowers are designed to remove fumes from the engine compartments of gasoline powered boats prior to start-up, and therefore conform to ISO 8846 MARINE and USCG Regulations for ignition protection. They are listed[...]

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Toilet Systems

At Jabsco, we are the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of small craft marine toilets — so we’ve built a fair degree of experience in heads systems and their design and installation. Far and away[...]

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Shower & Sink Drain Pumps

Jabsco and Rule’s broad range of pump types means that we can provide a choice of solutions according to your needs and budget. Diaphragm pumps such as 50880 and PAR-Max are the choice of charter[...]

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