Hydraulic Fracturing

Xylem’s commitment to solving water-related challenges spans the entire hydraulic fracturing water life-cycle. From source water extraction to waste water (i.e. produced and flowback) management, Xylem’s application expertise and strong product portfolio will ensure that you maximize water productivity and operational efficiency.

With a footprint in every major play, such as the Bakken, Eagleford, Permian, and Marcellus, Xylem’s engineers and equipment are available at a moment’s notice. Our expansive reach combined with industry-recognized brands, including Godwin, Flygt, YSI, and many more, make Xylem a unique solution provider that understands the challenges associated with hydraulic fracturing.

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Source Water Extraction

Source Water Extraction

Access to source water is a key hurdle to a successful drilling campaign.  From deep aquifers and water wells, to naturally occurring bodies of water (i.e. lakes or streams), Xylem’s broad product portfolio has the[...]

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